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Important Notice for upcoming compulsory activities

Date:2019-10-21 Source: Click:

Dear students,


On Wednesday, October 23rd , two important activities have been organized by The Overseas Education School, the details are as follows:


Activity 1

Lecture On Religious-related Affairs For Foreigner in China

Time: 2:00pm-3:00pm         Audience: All overseas students

Venue: Conference Room 2, 1st Floor ,New Administration Building , Jiaoqiao Campus.

Lecturer: Mr. Miao Xinyu , Deputy director of Ethnic and Religions Affairs Bureau of Jiangxi province


*All students should gather at the lobby at 1:30 pm and we will leave 1:40 pm sharp.

*All students should return to their rooms right after this lecture without any delay, and get ready for the Fire Drill Rehearsal.


Activity 2

Fire Drill Rehearsal for International Students and Fire Fighting Demonstration

Time:3: 30 p.m              Audience: All Overseas Students

Venue: Overseas Students Apartment

Lecturer: Wan Yaonan ,a senior fireman from Nanchang fire station


This fire drill is simulation of a real fire incident and during this rehearsal the  non-toxic smoke bombs will be used to trigger the alarm in our dormitory building .All students should stay clam and exit immediately.


Reminders for The Fire Drill rehearsal:

1、All students should stay in their rooms.

2、The power will be cut off once the fire alarm is triggered , please use a wet towel to cover your nose and use the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators or run to the exit on the furthest from you.

3、All students should run out of the dormitory quickly and gather at the emergency shelter(the little square). The little square is 30 meters away from our dormitory building , on the way to the university market, you will see it on the right hand-side.

4、Students should treat this fire drill rehearsal seriously as it is imperative for your safety in emergencies.

5After all students arrive at the emergency shelter , the fire fighting demonstration will commence.


P.S All students MUSTattend both activities as the attendance will be checked. The school will strictly take your attendance into consideration for personal performance.


Thanks for your co-operations!